Sunday, June 19, 2011

Changed Blog Name

I am now totally fed up of the NA and AA people. They are just sick and selfish. They only want to help themselves, but just don't want to help the suffering addicts. I did not get any feedback on what title I should choose for my book, and so I called it 12 Steps in a Day: The Lost Path. I had helped over 200 addicts and alcoholics with the 4th and 5th steps, and had been able to make the inventory into a simple psychoanalysis to help addicts understand their problems and themselves. This I found helped them to easily stay sober. The 12 Step program, I realized, was originally nothing but psychoanalysis. So this analysis is what I have explained in my book. I'm sure it'll help all addicts and alcoholics.
But out here in India the only place addicts are sent for recovery is to NA and AA. So I wrote the book in the hope that the members there would use my book to help the suffering addicts and alcoholics, and explained the psychoanalysis as the 12 Steps in my book. I had wanted to expose NA and AA totally in my book, for even then I hated AA & NA. But my addict friends here in India convinced my to refrain from doing that.
I will be writing another book soon, totally exposing NA and NA. But writing a book takes a long time, and it is tedious work, which I have been procrastinating. Also at present I want the scientific community and the psychologists to accept the therapy. For once they accept it and start using it in their practice, others will know about its effectiveness. So I'm busy writing papers for psychology workshops and conferences. I presented a paper on it at a workshop at IIT Delhi, which was quite well accepted. A Professor there, asked me to submit a paper for an International Conference on Positive Psychology at Amity University, and I will be presenting it there in August. So I guess my book exposing AA will have to wait till then.
In the meanwhile, I've decided to start this blog to expose the 12 Step programs. I hope this blog helps the suffering people who want to stop drinking and using drugs, and saves then from being duped by the recruiters of the 12 Step programs. And I wish you all the best.

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