Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quantam and Particle Physics Con Game

Quantum physics is not a science of nature or natural science. What these theoretical scientists using quantum physics call "particles" are only "sparks of energy", which is not an observable (empirical) material reality.

Energy is the essence of material substances that gives the substance its mass. Energy is generally understood to be the capacity to do work; one needs energy to do work. But the scientists have not yet given us a proper definition of energy. If they had defined energy, people would have known what exactly energy is. And if people knew what energy was, the physicists would not have been able to take people for a ride in the name of "energy" -- just like Religious Priests, Mullahs and Pundits are taking people for a ride in the name of "God".

So let us first define energy before we go any further. The best definition that I have found for energy is the one given by Aristotle, who is considered to be the founding father of physics and the natural sciences. Aristotle defines energy as the "source of every thing's being and function". Physics, for Aristotle, is the "science of natures and natural changes". And the natural changes concerns energy.

Mass, length and time are properties, or concepts, that we use to *measure* (Sanskrit, 'maya') material substances and phenomena. In order to understand physical phenomena, natural philosophers -- called "physicists" after the 2nd half of the 19th century -- use the properties of Mass, Length and Time. Newton was the first philosopher to use these properties to define the Laws of Motion, given in his treatise the "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy". But there was a dispute between him and Leibniz on whether L (the living energy) = mv or mv2 (squared). And finally, after over 200 years of experimentation, in his 1905 paper, Einstein, using Maxwell's equations, proved that L = mv2 -- Einstein did not prove that e = mc2. It was only after Rutherford gave the atomic model in 1910, stating that atoms are sparks of energy, that Einstein, after 1912, started calling his equation e = mc2 (whether this is what is called "fudging", or not, you can decide for yourself).

In order to develop advanced technologies, scientists developed quantum physics, wherein they say that length and time can change, but not the mass. This is absurd, because if properties of length and time change, so will mass. That's why they have the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle -- we can never ever know the exact position and momentum of a particle, both at the same time. So what the modern theoretical physicists call particles is not some empirical observable reality, but is only a statistical equivalent.  This is why quantum physics cannot be used to explain nature or to understand natural reality. If we do, we get results like the famous Schrodinger's Cat, where we can show that a cat can be alive and dead at the same time, until one observes the cat.

And today the physicists, most of whom themselves don't understand quantum physics,  are fooling people about the beginning of the universe, the big bang theory, black holes, god-particle and what not, telling us that quantum physics can prove that. But this is all nothing but unsubstantiated hypotheses -- in short, bull shit.

Of course, quantum physics is a technological aid to develop advanced technologies. But then, just look at what the quantum technologies have developed -- atomic bombs and nuclear arsenal that can now destroy our planet and annihilate life on earth, or the Information Technology that has given USA and NSA the capability to infringe on our privacy and to snoop on whatever we say, write and declare. Seeing the technologies that these quantum physicists have developed, one begins to wonder if it is sane to allow these physicists to waste trillions of dollars worth of our earth's precious resources on their CERN type experiments, only to develop such technologies that enslave and degrade the common man!

Of course, the physicists will definitely tell us that it is necessary to spend the trillions, because if we don't, the physicists will lose their multimillion dollar incomes. Too bad, but Physics has now become a huge game for the Western powers. Are you, I ask, going to allow them to continue spending the trillions, which rightfully ought to be spent of feeding and clothing all the people on this planet?

Right now we are powerless against the tyranny of the Western Powers and their physicists. The only way out for us that I have realized is to develop the soul-power that's within each of us. Once each of us develops the soul-power that is inherent in each of us, the Western Powers will have no power left to control and dominate the common man. And we shall be finally free.

If you'd like to know about the Yoga to develop our soul-power, you can see my YouTube on Bhagavad Gita and also read these two articles on "Yogic science can Transform Education" from the embedded links.

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  1. On the 25th Birthday of the World Wide Web (WWW) today, all I can say is that, "WHAT PEOPLE NEED IS THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE IDEAS, ATTITUDES AND EMOTIONS -- Non-Verbal Communication, and not Verbal Communication."
    One's Verbal Communication can be controlled by others, especially by the big powers such as NSA, but not one's non-verbal communication.